Flat Caps, Hats & Baby Bonnets for Stylish Kids


Need a flat cap hat or baby bonnet? 

You've come to the right place! I make all kinds of special hats your little ones.


I enjoy designing and creating beautiful headwear for your ring bearers, baby's christening, family photoshoots and everything in between. If you need a special accessory for your little one to wear, you'll find it here at Edmund & Rose.

Handmade clothing takes a little longer than mass manufactured clothing and costs a little more. Why? Because there's more love poured into each stitch, more care taken with each button hole.

Who made your clothes? I did, and I loved every moment of it. I do this so that you can have a choice. You can impact the throw away world of fashion by choosing the more sustainable, slow made option.

Clothing, especially kids clothing shouldn't last a "season", it should last through your entire brood of children and still be good enough to hand on to their cousins. That's why I do this.

x Tina



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