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Classic Bonnet in Lucky Girl

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Lucky Girl

Part of our new Summer Bright Collection


This Limited Edition Bonnet is made from a rare and out of print floral fabric from Jennifer Paganelli's Luck Girl fabric collection.  

• Made from soft 100% cotton so that your little ones' skin can breathe easily
• Edged with beautiful pink gingham ties so that the bonnet will stay on her little head
• Bright florals so that your babe can stand out from the crowd

XS --- 0 months
S --- 3 months
M --- 6 months
L --- 12 months
XL --- 18 months

The Edmund & Rose collection is designed and genuinely handmade by the store owner Tina Barton who lives in Queensland, Australia. Each piece is made from beautiful fabrics using techniques that produce high quality garments. If your item is made from a printed fabric, like a floral or a printed design, the print placement will vary from the pictures shown as all clothing pieces are cut by hand. The wooden buttons used on your clothing may also vary depending on the selection I currently have available. Your new Edmund and Rose clothing will be beautifully unique, just like your child.

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