Edmund and rose suspender shorts navy blue linen ER101NAV
It all started when our oldest child Riley was born in 2011. Pictured here at age 3.

Edmund & Rose Today

Edmund and Rose is the home of ethically handmade baby and children’s clothing. Every item is cut by hand and machine sewn using high grade sewing techniques and finishes. This attention to detail produces heirloom quality garments. Linens and cottons abound in Edmund and Rose’s children’s and baby clothing. These fabrics are not only beautiful to look at and lovely to wear, they are also 100% natural. They are also comfortable and safe for your little ones. Creating clothing that they will love to wear every day.

Edmund & Rose in the Beginning

It all began in 2011, when I left my busy retail management job to stay at home with our newborn son Riley. Motherhood was not quite as busy as I was used to, and honestly, I was a little bit bored. I have always enjoyed sewing and started learning at an early age, so it was a natural hobby to take up in my new found spare time.

I started making baby quilts and baby burp cloths for my friends who were all beginning their own families. Then everyone started telling me I should make them to sell at markets. And so the business was born! In those days my business was known as Tina Barton Designs, because that’s just what it was. I designed quilts, baby burp cloths, changing mats, bags, you name it. If it was meant for a baby, I made it. Then once a month I would pack everything into the back of the car, and take it all to the local markets to sell. But I didn’t make clothes then, that came later.

Along Came Eliza

So about a year later our daughter Eliza was born, and I desperately wanted to dress her in gorgeous handmade clothes. It was a great excuse to buy from some of my favourite handmade boutiques. But I also started making some little pieces here and there for her. And I fell in love. There is something very magical about taking a flat piece of fabric and turning it into the outfits I had pictured in my mind. And so Edmund & Rose was born!

Here I am, more than 8 years later, still making those outfits, and loving every minute of it.

The Best Part?

The best part about what I do now is seeing your beautiful children wearing my creations. Those flat pieces of fabric that I turned into outfits with my own two hands.